Our Start

Rhigg was founded in 2016 by John Abrenilla, Discovr Analytics is their flagship product aimed that providing fraud detection services to a larger scale of consumers.  We believe in building a sustainable environment of people who are interested in mitigating theft and fraud in their communities.  All of our business engagements are conducted with the motivation of turning cost centers into profit centers.  The goal is make you and your business profitable.  


  • Designed, built and managed three investigations centers with critical communications and investigative analytics capabilities.

  • Created self-discovery and proactive methods of finding fraud and turning cost centers into profit centers.

  • Certified Fraud Examiner, member of the Advisory Counsel and SF Chapter.

  • Bachelors in Economics - SFSU

  • MBA emphasis in Entrepreneurship - City University of Seattle

  • 11 Years of Investigative Experience

  • High level investigations positions for 3 Fortune 500 Companies

  • Small business consulting projects for 10 mid-size companies in the bay area