Here are some of the use cases of Disocvr Analytics

Financial Health

It important to keep tabs on your company's financial health, whether it's measuring profitability, revenue, or profit margin, these are key indicators of your business model.  If you're seeing continuous levels of demand and simultaneously finding a decrease in profits, Discovr Analytics can help you find the root cause of your issues. 


Big Data Analytics and Monitoring

Some professions are prone to shortage, theft, and fraud.  Retail is a good example of an industry that is susceptible to losses.  We have the unique ability to use complex algorithms to review all of your transactions at a high level and drill down to the granular to uncover fraud within your company. 



It's important to stay proactive in finding any potential risks that could impact your company.  Let us find some of the hidden risks that could turn into embezzlement, risk, or inflated costs such as conflicts of interest, public disclosure of private information, and your data on the dark web.